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Shanti Mabberley


I have lived in Swindon my entire life, along with my family who all still reside in the town. 

 Since becoming a parent I am passionate about encouraging a positive change in the town, for our children’s future. I will work hard to achieve goals that people in the community would like to see. 

 I have chosen to become an independent representative as I want to be a voice for those who have concerns about current policies and acts being put into place which are affecting our lives with unanswered questions.

 I believe in full body autonomy and medical freedom. Medical procedures should be up to the individual and be respected. Access and restrictions should not be impaired due to one's choice. Personal risk assessment is a part of our daily lives and implemented when needed.

 Our community should have more input into our town and communication with SBC, especially with regards to tax payers money and its spending. Restoring unused buildings and houses in the town will create jobs and also affordable housing. Including the restoration of the much loved and used Oasis Leisure centre. 

 With the growing population of Wroughton and the new housing builds, I’d like to see the houses made more affordable to the average working class person. As the village is situated in a rural setting, keeping as much green areas and open spaces for its community. I wish to work with the community to continue to keep Wroughton a beautiful place to live. 

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"I wish to work with the community to continue to keep Wroughton a beautiful place to live. ..."



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