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Beverly Elmer

Beverley Elmer 


Hello, I'm Beverly Elmer, a grandmother and wife, Swindon born and bred, I am a connected foster carer with the Borough. 

Swindon used to be a town envied by many other towns I visited; Swindon had facilities for health and leisure and job opportunities other towns could only dream of. Sadly this is no longer the truth. This last year has seen mental health issues in our children, young adults and adults skyrocket, while services have been cut and access denied to many. Businesses are closing at an alarming rate. Restrictions are being forced on people, freedom of choice and speech are being taken away. 

We need to embrace the old-fashioned community spirit of unity. Make our own choices for our health and welfare. Let our children experience a life of freedom, love and liberty, we did, it's their turn now. We need transparency on the spending of the budget which Swindon seems to flutter away on nothing; we need to see the services our taxes are paying for, not empty voids and shallow promises. 

 I'm not anti anything.. IM PRO CHOICE.. Vote for your Independent candidate on the 6th of May and have your voice heard. Let's make Swindon great again.


"We need to embrace the old-fashioned community spirit of unity."



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