Kevin Ritchie

Kevin Ritchie 


Without civil liberties, democracy and human rights we have no civilised society which is why I am standing as an independent candidate to call for an immediate end to the current lockdown which has disproportionately restricted some of our most precious freedoms. I am opposed to the introduction of Health Certification / Vaccine Passports in a domestic UK setting. I am a strong supporter of local government and small and medium sized independent businesses and should I be elected I will campaign tirelessly for additional financial support for local businesses to assist them to reopen in Covid-secure environments without the need for Vaccine Passports. Should I be elected I will also campaign tirelessly for transparency in local government expenditure and call out corruption where found as I believe liberty and democratic rights walk hand-in-hand with individual responsibility and accountability. I also believe littering, vandalism and pet theft should be stamped out as part of Swindon's post Covid recovery.


"I will also campaign tirelessly for transparency in local government expenditure..."



Borough Council Elections - Running for Ridgeway Ward


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