Priory Vale

Elena Mari

Elena Mari


I was born and grew up in Swindon this has been my home; I sadly have witnessed the decline of this town. I would like to see more support for adults and children suffering with mental health conditions; more support for the disabled, the elderly, the homeless and struggling families within our communities. 

 Council tax seems to be increasing while on the other hand facilities for the people of Swindon are on the decline. I will look towards the reduction of Council tax and Business rates. I will also work towards getting the Oasis Leisure centre opened up for our children, continuing support for the diverse communities of Swindon, the end to the Lockdowns and for small businesses to remain open. 

No to Vaccine Passports; Freedom of Choice. The State is controlling the way we act and the way we behave, most people are accepting this without any critical thinking or questioning of the narrative. Our freedoms are being dismantled skilfully, we cannot trust our existing politicians who often serve many political and commercial institutions. The only option is to take back the political power which is rightfully ours, these institutions cannot rule our lives the way they are. Now is the time to voice our concerns and put an end to this!


"Now is the time to voice our concerns and put an end to this!"



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