NO To Vaccine Passports ! 

We oppose any kind of vaccine passport or health certificate for many reasons. Although, it has been argued that the vaccine is our way out of this, and vaccine passports are a way of giving us back our freedoms we do not believe this is a compromise that should be accepted. 

 We believe whether someone takes a vaccine or not is their own personal decision. This applies to any other medical treatment that they may or may not want to have. Everybody should have the right to weigh up the risks of the treatment against the risks of the thing that is being treated and come to their own decision. 

 Whilst the argument has been made that we should take the vaccine for the greater good, it must be remembered  that the coronavirus vaccines do not stop you getting or passing on the virus. They have been introduced to lessen the symptoms of the virus should you catch it. As such they cannot be taken for others

Our problem is with the very idea that a vaccine passport can in any way give us back our freedom:  

Firstly, freedoms are a right and not to be given and taken away at a whim by the government, nor can it truly be classed as freedom if you have to show your papers to do the simplest things in life? 

 Secondly, as noted above, if vaccination does not prevent transmission why should it matter if someone else is vaccinated or not? This simple question has never been addressed by the government. (Note that they still expect vaccinated people to wear masks and obey lockdown rules.) 

Finally, we believe there is a serious danger of 'mission creep' if we were to hand over our freedoms to a government app then how could this develop over time? What data would you have to carry? What other requirements would you have to meet to have your app giving access to life? We believe this is granting a dangerous level of power to the government over our bodies and lives. You may be happy to get these vaccines but what if you do not want to take a future booster, or the next vaccine developed, what if we experience that mission creep, once such a system is introduced it is not such a wide jump to penalising someone for failing to pay a bill or parking ticket on time?

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