Who are we? 

 for We are an alliance of Independent candidates running in the May 6th, 2021 elections. 

We are concerned and politically homeless voters who feel that none of the parties represent our views on vaccine passports, strict lockdown measures and the damage done to businesses and lives. We have stepped up to give the borough the opportunity to vote against these attacks on our liberties. 

We believe that party politics is broken and that it is the one place where we do need a complete reset, by getting back to the basics and putting our community first.


What can we do?

We are running in every ward in Swindon to turn the local elections into a referendum so that Swindonians who want to demand an immediate end to lockdown, say no to health passports and no to mandatory vaccinations can do so democratically and send a strong message to the political establishment.

We urge those who feel the same to express this through the ballot box. None of the parties are speaking against this so we feel it is a duty to be the opposition that is desperately needed.


What do we want for Swindon?

We believe Swindon has suffered greatly from stale politics and has seen a sharp decline in services while council tax increases have stretched the most vulnerable in our town.

We will work towards immediately reopening the Oasis Leisure Centre to make it fully functional again.  

We understand that the high street has taken a battering and we want to see business rates reviewed, or even abolished, to give local shops a fighting chance against online traders in a lifeline to the town centre.


Can we make a difference?

Already we have achieved a feat that has never been achieved in Swindon before by fielding a full slate of independent candidates

We have an excellent range of quality candidates who aim to be the 'Foxes in the hen house', to start the process of rebuilding Swindon and put the people first, bringing everyone together in harmony and hope. 

If you want to see for yourselves, we will be present every Sunday morning (10am) at Lydiard Park for potential voters to meet our candidates.


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